Rectangle Pro

Formerly Hookshot

Quicker window snapping on macOS

Free for 10 days
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One simple key combo

16 window sizes & positions

No need to remember a ton of keyboard shortcuts, but those are all here, too

A Supercharged Rectangle Superset

  • Keyboard shortcuts
    Drag windows to screen edges to snap
  • Move and resize by holding a key and moving your cursor
    Snap windows under your cursor, even if not in focus
    Custom shortcuts for any size & position
    Sync your settings over iCloud

The Lightweight Gesture Champ

Unlike touch gesture based window managers, Rectangle Pro only consumes CPU when configured modifier keys are pressed. Even then it's minimal

Rectangle Pro is a breeze to learn, and doesn't conflict with any built-in macOS behavior

Use it with any device that moves the cursor

Unmatched Customization and Actions

Create application groups to arrange an entire workspace with all custom window sizes/positions with just one shortcut

Create keyboard shortcuts with any window size and location, and specify what happens on each repeated execution

Fill left and right actions make it simple to maximize screen usage without overlap

Match the keyboard shortcut window management of that other OS

Multiple Windows at Once

  • Cascade windows
  • Move all windows for an app to another display or screen half
  • Tile top windows in a 2x2 or 2x3 grid

Additional Efficiency and Speed

Each window action can be configured with a quick, simple cursor movement and modifier key combination

Just press and release modifier keys while you move your cursor over the window you want to snap

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