Rectangle Pro

Formerly Hookshot

Quicker window snapping on macOS

Free for 10 days
Purchase for ...

A true pro version

Not just a Rectangle upgrade.

An upgrade over every other window manager.

One simple key combo

Throw a window to 16 window sizes & positions

No need to remember a ton of keyboard shortcuts, but those are all here, too.

Filled with features

Unique to Pro: throw your windows in the right places.
Faster with less memorization. Superpower.

More stock keyboard shortcut options than any other app.
Windows style arrow shortcuts, multi-window, and fill left/right.

Create snap targets anywhere on the screen.
Use a handy, configurable snap panel for quick snaps.

Not quite the right size? Make your own size & position.
And specify what happens on each repeated execution.

Arrange an entire workspace of apps with just one shortcut.
Activate when displays are connected or disconnected.

Quick throw windows for additional efficiency and speed.
Window throw without the footprint.

Hide windows on the edge of your screen.
They slide out when your cursor touches the edge.

Pick one app to pin to a side.
Rectangle's Todo mode with more to configure.

Fully customize the list of commands in the menu bar menu.
Show it with a shortcut or as a click context menu.

Load your shortcuts from Rectangle.
Sync your configuration over iCloud.

There's even more in the app!

But you won't be judged for using the window throw and nothing else.

Like the window throw?

You'll love Charmstone.

Quickly switch and launch apps using spatial memory.